Mold & Die Sets

Mold & Die Sets

Injection molds are important process equipment for the production of various industrial products. Injection molds are a tool for producing plastic products; they are also tools that give plastic products complete structure and precise dimensions.

HappyDay Engineering is known for its high quality in mold and tool manufacturing. It has continuously proven to be a reliable mold-making industry specializing in the manufacturing and supply of products as per customer requirement

There are many kinds of high-speed stamping dies made by Happy day all of which perform two basic operations—cutting, forming, or both. Manually or robotically loaded dies are referred to as line dies. Progressive and transfer dies are fully automated.

All machining processes are done under our roof as a general practice to keep quality of machining under our control and to ensure steels are not compromised and We have a system capable of monitoring and management of customers molds at any hour of the day, throughout our organization.